SSexual Dysfunction in Males

Erectile / Erection Dysfunction in Males

Erectile Dysfunction: In this males find difficulty in erection.

Definition of Erectile Dis function – male can not get erection during sex. It can be physical or psychological origin

Symptoms – 

Cannot get erection while sexual intercourse,

sometime lack of sex drive, soft erection,

loosing erection in the mid of sex


  1. Detail history require from couple
  2. Physical examination like blood pressure ECG require
  3. Sexual hormonal study or test require
  4. Penile Doppler test to rule out pathology of blood flow of penis
  5. Psychometric test for psychological causes
  6. Routine blood test of sugar lipid profile etc.

Treatment –
Medical management –

1) SSRI Medicines – SSRI medicines which increases serotonin level in the brain which require or which help in erection problem

2) PDE 5 Inhibitors – like Sildnafil, Tadalafil which increases blood flow in Penile part and help in erection

3) Psychotherapy and Counselling – Which helps for psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

4) Penis Pump Treatment

5) Penile Implant – Its is a surgical procedure

6) Exercise – Lifestyle modification with exercise require to boost sexual health.

Pre-mature Ejaculation: In thus male reaches orgasm too quickly.

Delayed Orgasm or Ejaculation: In this male does not reach orgasm or fails to ejaculate.

Low Libido: In this males have decreased desire for sex.

More than 85% sexual disorders have psychological origin.

*Do not hesitate to consult for treatment & counselling.

Risk Factor :

Many risk factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction, including:

Medical conditions- Diabetes in which increases the sugar level which affects on nervous system and decreases sexual stimulation process

Heart Disease – In which decreases the blood flow of Penile part and lead to erectile dysfunction

Tobacco Use – In which restricts blood flow of penis arteries  by Atherosclerosis.

Obesity : Can lead to erectile dysfunction

Medications : Including antidepressants, antihistamines and medications to treat high blood pressure

Drug and alcohol use – Can cause  for erectile dysfunction for longer use.